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Global Access to Mobile Broadband Connectivity
Reprogrammable software enables Internet connectivity in virtually any location.
Choosing the right network to run your M2M (machine-to-machine) applications on can be tricky, especially if you are operating on a global scale. It’s critical to ensure you select a network which will cover connectivity in each and every area required by customers. An ideal solution would have the ability to support multiple networks to ensure connectivity but this is an objective which can sometimes be easier said than done.

Sprint,, Overland Park, Kan., recently certified an embedded router from Top Global,, Lake Forest, Calif., the Top Global MB7900 to run on Sprint’s 3G (third generation) network. The router is equipped with Gobi (global mobile internet) technology from Qualcomm,, San Diego, Calif., which gives users access to connectivity on Sprint’s mobile broadband network as well as Sprint’s roaming partner networks throughout the world.

The MB7900 enables product manufacturers to develop solutions for a worldwide market more easily because the router can be used to support a number of different networks simultaneously through its reprogrammable software. It is also less expensive as it is packaged to be able to fit virtually any type of M2M device. The embedded router can seamlessly link Sprint’s 3G network with devices which use various other types of connectivity such as GPS (global positioning system), LAN (local-area network), and Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity).

Qualcomm’s Gobi technology uses a EV-DO (evolution-data optimized) Rev. A protocol for high-speed wireless broadband connectivity, which gives customers the ability to transfer mass amount of data worldwide at faster speeds, resulting in quicker downloads and uploads. The benefits of the MB7900’s ability to support data capabilities on multiple networks appeals to a broad range of customers, from enterprise to SOHO (small office home office), basically anyone interested in being able to rapidly deploy a number of wireless networks at once.

According to Wayne Ward, vice president of Emerging Solutions, Sprint, the cellular operator is the first one in the industry to offer a Gobi embedded router to the marketplace.

“The network scalability and dependability of the MB7900 make it an ideal choice for applications in business continuity, homeland security, mobile surveillance, digital signage, vending/retailing/point of sales, in-vehicle data connectivity, and asset management,” says Ward.

Customers can also purchase the MB7900 in conjunction with a Mobile Broadband Data Access Plan from Sprint. Getting a solution launched to market on a global scale is no simple task so once you make it to that point; it’s good to know you won’t be restricted from getting the connectivity you need to make the solution a success.

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